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Testimony: In the Workplace

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

I have always loved children. The opportunity to shape and influence a young life is such a privilege. However when faced with the fact I needed to get a job, God led me to a local school close to our home that would prove to stretch me. It was a blessing from God that also came with challenges.

During the course of a day I would teach 350 different children. I was the only Native English teacher among local Cantonese teachers.

God taught me to rely on His strength and wisdom to teach the children. As I taught from class to class I witnessed teachers, many young right out of college, giving their best, often working overtime.

I had a lightbulb conversation with a young woman in our church. She mentioned she asked God to connect her with one other believer in her company to pray with. I decided right then I would do the same. I had developed a good relationship with the Putonghua teacher who also spoke English and asked her if she knew of any teachers who believed in Jesus like I did. She proceeded to list 6 teachers that were Christians even though she was not. She would eventually come to our church and begin her new life in Christ.

I started to communicate with some of these teachers a little more as best we could with our language barrier. I invited them to my home for dinner after work one day and with an interpreter got to know them better and understand their relationship with Jesus. Some were new believers and didn’t know much. One did not understand that she didn’t have to wait to be “good enough” to be baptized, and that the blood of Jesus had made her righteous as if sin never existed. It was a rich evening, right in the midst of a lot of fear during the violence and protests. We prayed together for God’s protection, to know Jesus more, and imparted hope.

Every day when I went to work I was aware that I carried Jesus, His love, His kindness and valued every person I connected with. I know that Jesus shining through me helped change the atmosphere of that Kindergarten.

On my last day of work after months of recording teachings for my classes because of Covid-19, I made red paper hearts for all 24 employees of the Kindergarten- from the Principal down to the cleaners. On the hearts were written phrases like, “You are valuable” “ Thank you for giving to the children” “ You are precious.” “You are beautiful.” I know I impacted their lives and brought God’s love and joy to the teachers staff and the children. It’s our time to shine in the midst of darkness and confusion in our communities and workplaces!

Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness if over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Isaiah 60: 1-2 NIV

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